About Us

Başkent Arabuluculuk” Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center was established in november  2015. The founding partners of the Center are Mehmet Ali Baranli (Mediator, Attorney), Onur Tektaş (Mediator, Attorney), Özlem Arslan (Mediator, Attorney), Pervin Yıldız (Mediator, Attorney), Selda Kutlay (Mediator, Attorney) and Yusuf Gözel (Mediator, Attorney). Professor Dr Uğur Öner officially inaugurated the Center on 2 May 2016.

“Başkent Arabuluculuk” Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center is the oldest mediation center in Ankara and the second oldest mediation center in Turkey.

Our mediators have given courses of basic mediation training, the expert mediation training program in labour law and conciliation training in criminal law at TOBB University, Ankara University, Hacettepe University, Başkent University and Akdeniz University. Our mediators are currently giving the courses as practitioner mediator and practitioner conciliator at Hacettepe University, Başkent University and International Cyprus University and Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

There are six founding mediators and three partner mediators in the Center. Also, Professor Dr Uğur Öner, faculty member Alper Bulur and former judge and lawyer Eray Karınca are working as a counsel in the Center.

There are a sufficient number of meeting rooms and other facilities to make a group and individual mediation meetings in Center which are in Ankara.

Our mediation Center, which is in Ankara gives a mediation service to parties to dispute to settle disputes. When parties to dispute are not in Ankara, our mediators can travel to other cities to give these services or our mediators can settle disputes with the aid of our partner mediation centers that are in other cities.

The Center also provides rooms and secretary services for the use of mediators.

“Arabuluculuk Sınavı Cözümlü Soru Bankası” is the first test book of the Centre which was written by Professor Dr Ali Cağlar, Harun Uyanıkoğlu (Mediator, Lawyer), Mine Güneş (Mediator, Lawyer), Özlem Arslan (Mediator, Lawyer), Pervin Yıldız (Mediator, Lawyer), Selda Kutlay (Mediator, Lawyer) and Yusuf Gözel (Mediator, Lawyer) and edited by faculty member Alper Bulur and published by Monopol in June 2019.